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NEW THIS YEAR...Dance Punch Cards (7 dances for $60 w/rollover to next season) AND treats/pop for sale at each dance to fundraise more live bands!

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Private Ballroom Dance Lessons Just follow our lead.

Getting married? In a few private lessons, we can help you feel confident and look polished on the dance floor for your big day. Wedding lessons can be for any member of the bridal party!

We ask that you select a “song of choice” and we will teach you ballroom moves and styling appropriate for the genre of dance that fits the song (ie: waltz, rumba, etc).

Private Lessons for weddings are offered on an inquiry-based basis and are held on Monday nights following group lessons.

$200 – 1 hour lesson

$300 – Two 1 hour lessons

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Private Lessons
Private Lessons
Private Lessons