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Breitlow Ballroom

Lessons By Breitlow Ballroom Just follow our lead.

Stan and Molly Breitlow have been teaching Ballroom Dance in the Winona and La Crosse region since 2008. They feel dance is a non-verbal language that allows people to communicate with friends and partners. They see dance as a way to build new skills with partners, meet new friends, network, and socialize in a safe, healthy and fun environment.

Stan and Molly explain the technical side of the dance by breaking each individual step down (they teach what to do, why to do it, and when to do it). However, while they focus on these details, they ensure that all who come enjoy themselves and have fun while dancing!

Stan and Molly also teach weekly private and group lessons. They often help with wedding dance preparations, school functions, and company parties. They provide instruction, music, and DJ services as needed for any event.

Group Lessons

Beginning and continuing level lessons are offered through Winona Community Education (Fall, Winter & Spring). Classes are held at the Winona Athletic Club.


Private Lessons

Private Lessons for weddings are offered on an inquiry-based basis and are held on Monday nights following group lessons.